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A conversation in 60 pages
Helena Fernández-Cavada
in conversation with María Berríos
Soft cover
60 pages
24 x 18 cm.
Print on demand

This publication takes as point of departure two streams of focus - the silenced voices of women caught in fascist periods, and the decision by the Spanish dictator Franco to have Spain synch time zones with Nazi Germany. Which both aesthetically and politically abandoned the internationally adopted Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and mainly seen as a gesture of loyalty to Berlin (and a break with London). Therefore, the exhibition The Stolen Hour explores decisions made in the past and how they continue to resonate in our present.

The publication is made and edited as a conversation (mail and email correspondence) with María Berríos (sociologist and curator) to revolt around how can we imagine a new time zone far from fascist times. One of reclamation after the political and emotional reality of time lost under the Franco dictatorship, one where the current relativity of precarious time in democracy is re-imagined. The discussion address questions such as how our private lives are affected by political systems of the past and the present, and how we can escape the fascist structures which are emerging—given that within democracy and its institutions a patriarchal relationship between the state and its citizens is still present.

This correspondence is part of the larger project called Epistolary Drawings.


This publication was presented as part of the exhibition The stolen Hour, at SixtyEight Art Institute (DK), the presentation included an alive drawing, a reading and an audio piece. Afterwards has been presented in Lunds Konsthalle (SE) as a reading and with an audio piece.