Kiosks of San Lucas neighborhood
In cooperation with Ana Álvarez and some neighbors of San Lucas, Ciudad de Mexico.

Public spaces are no longer habited, and street only serves as a way to go from a private space to another. This is the present tendency at Ciudad de Me?xico, a situation that implies an urban decay, not only of these public spaces, but of its residents’ quality of life as well.

We transformed these security and community participation modules of San Lucas into kiosks for the neighborhood with “walking books”. These walking books were people from the neighborhood and from some other districts of town, ready to share stories and knowledge, and open to be consulted by other neighbors and citizens as well.
This temporal usage of modules was a recreational and collective experiment that offered a proper place for the meeting of the inhabitants and people in transit. An exercise of awareness on otherness, and a chance of creating other relation and con dence dynamics between people who share a common good, being the neighborhood or the town itself. In accordance
with the oral tradition, these walking kiosks of books and reviews shared stories with public and created links with them during a weekend. Every
day, walking books sparked off several conversations which underlined the unique character of these communications, that involved privacy and physical presence.


Proceso colectivo de construcción
Collective process. : Proceso colectivo de construcción

Cleaning and setting up the space 


Presentation day 


Selección de portadas. Front pages
Kiosco de Barrio de San Lucas: Selección de portadas. Front pages