Helena Ferna?ndez-Cavada
in conversation with Carmen Romero
Hard cover/ Soft cover 128 pages
25 x 21 cm.

«What was forbidden during the dictatorship in Spain?», I ask my mother. She answers: «Living. And thinking». These words trigger an epistolary conversation brimming with re ections and confessions that submerge us in our own intimacy and in the everyday life of different ages. After ten years of living abroad, this exchange is an attempt to come close to the fragments of the various narrations that conditioned my upbringing, in a country where catholic religion and Francoism were untill of cial a year before my birth. «Letters to my mother» is an experimental and daring collection of letters in which each one uses the language more familiar to her: I draw, she writes. A total of nine letters with words that bring mobile and unexpected meanings. In my letters, there are drawings that are questions; in hers, there are texts that are images. Images that enable memories of the private biography to surface, at the same time as a concrete political thought. First, of life under a dictatorship; later on, of whishes and frustrations that the transition to democracy brought. A revealing collection of letters in which every draw and every word develop new or wider senses with every exchanged missive. A conversation where political relations and affective relations are closely linked.