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A conversation in 60 pages

Helena Fernández-Cavada in Conversation with María Berríos.
Digital print. Soft cover. 60 pages. 24 x 18 cm.
Print on demand

Artist Helena Fernández-Cavada and independent curator and sociologist Maria Berríos present their artist book "A conversation in 60 pages". The text in the book is based on letter correspondence between the two, and touches upon questions of time, and the act of controlling time, in Spain and Chile under the dictatorship in each country. The book was produced as part of the Fernández-Cavadas exhibition The Stolen Hour which was shown at the SixtyEight Art Institute in Copenhagen in 2018.

The edited correspondence and related visual material is presented in a limited edition artist book publication, and the reading open the conversation on the possibility of Spain having a new time zone. One of reclamation after the political and emotional reality of time lost under the Franco dictatorship, one where the current relativity of precarious time in democracy is re-imagined. The discussion will address questions such as how our private lives are affected by political systems of the past and the present, and how we can escape the fascist structures which are emerging—given that within democracy and its institutions a patriarchal relationship between the state and its citizens is still present.

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The scope of my work is very broad because it is in permanent dialogue with the changing social rhythms, time perceptions and political landscapes.