Dogs and Diogenes An Exercise on Leisure


A collaboration by: Carolina Alba, Óscar Benassini, Gabriel Cázares, Javier del Cueto, Helena Fernández-Cavada, Fernando García Correa, Noé Martínez, Víctor Palacios, Adán Paredes, Claudia Pérez Pavón, Cruz Rodríguez, Gabriel Santamarina and María Sosa.

This exhibition aims to provoke a number of experiences and re ections concerning the idea of leisure. However, what is leisure? Within contemporary social conventions,it is understood to be a period in which we are able to stop working and performing everyday tasks in order to take a break to amuse ourselves and feel free. Leisure is therefore time and the ability to choose. What can we really choose? Is it possible to calculate and measure leisure time as with any other activity? Why stop working when work has become our society’s main activity, as well as its most highly valued one?
Exhibition-Making, Notions of time, Collaboration

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The scope of my work is very broad because it is in permanent dialogue with the changing social rhythms, time perceptions and political landscapes.