Just and idle question, while away the summer 


On the one hand it is a continuation of Fernández-Cavada research on the transformation of Limhamn harbour, where the old Cementa factory is demolished, and new houses are build. On the other hand Fernández-Cavadas research and artistic praxis is about our conception of time, and particularly in relation to value and purpose. Doing nothing, of particular value, stands in radical contradiction to both the rapid urban development of cities and the general pace (and structure) of life in most western societies today.

Helena Fernández-Cavadas exhibition consists of both video works and drawings. She explores drawing as a mental process that needs time to understand itself and its surroundings. She films herself sleeping in various studios at IAC and she captures the slow pace and idle activities of retired workers in front of the old Cementa factory in Limhamn, meeting up and drinking coffee.

In the film ‘Time for the coffee pots’ we are situated about three hundred meters from the factory, at a small harbour for fishermen. Here old friends meet. We follow and sense the time spend together by/with an old generation of workers. And from a short distance they/we see how the city grows around them/us. The Factory will be gone soon and new houses and neighbours will appear.
Exhibition-Making, Notions of time, Dialogue

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The scope of my work is very broad because it is in permanent dialogue with the changing social rhythms, time perceptions and political landscapes.