Ey you out there in the cold


The exhibition explores our relation with interdependency. When the public arrived the show had been de de-installed, and they could reconstruct the exhibition by looking to the catalogue, the left overs and a box that contained all the drawings.
Contra Narratives, Exhibition-Making, Notions of Time, Publication

A conversation in 60 pages

Helena Fernández-Cavada in Conversation with María Berríos.
Digital print.
Soft cover.
60 pages.
24 x 18 cm.
Print on demand

The edited correspondence and related visual material is presented in a limited edition artist book publication, and the reading open the conversation on the possibility of Spain having a new time zone. One of reclamation after the political and emotional reality of time lost under the Franco dictatorship, one where the current relativity of precarious time in democracy is re-imagined. The discussion will address questions such as how our private lives are affected by political systems of the past and the present, and how we can escape the fascist structures which are emerging—given that within democracy and its institutions a patriarchal relationship between the state and its citizens is still present.

The book was presented as part of the exhibition The stolen hour
Publication, Contra narratives, Notions of time

«What was forbidden in Spain during the dictatorship?»,
I ask my mother.
She answers:
«Living. And thinking».

These words are the starting point of an epistolary conversation brimming with confessions about our intimacy and daily life over different ages. After ten years of living abroad, this exchange is an attempt to grasp the various narratives that  conditioned my upbringing, in a country where Catholic religion and Francoism were the official doctrine until a year before my birth. In this experimental correspondence we each use the language most familiar to us: I draw, she writes. Letters to my mother collects a total of nine letters whose strokes and marks draw unexpected relations.
Notions of time, Publication, Contranarratives

Possible deviations.
A metro away from you. 


In collaboration with Moniek Driesse and Bernardo Hernández


Intervention in the underground space with an animation of 40 seconds / sound intervention.

Audience: Subway travels citizens (22,000 passengers a day).

An experimental intervention in the subway area:

Possible deviations from a meter of you is a sequence of 900 drawings and photographs (80 x 90 cm each one) mounted on the wall of a tunnel underground in central Mexico City that becomes an animation by the movement of the train when going from one station to another. Through the window of the train, passengers can see the animation. The lm creates a playful space capable of interrupting the usual temporary discourse.

This animation reflects on the relationship of the individual to the social rhythm and how it transforms our emotional universe. This intervention questions the aesthetic experience and the tensions that exist between fiction and archive images, in relation to the construction of personal and collective memory. A man is waiting at the platform, while waiting the train, the camera enters in his memory and we see images of his remembrance. These images are part of the collective memory of the inhabitants of Mexico. The title of the animation refers to the possibility of deviating from the daily transits in two senses: the character, through his memory, and more broadly, the potential audience that will and this fragmented story in its way. The realization of images proposes a new discovery each time you make your observation: different layers of construction of forms and a multitude of subtle details, humorous, ambiguous. Each trip, even if it is the same route and the same length, is a different experience. This project has been developed in three different levels: the creative animation work, the development of the technological system for installation and the necessary space management. The first has elapsed as a kind of subjective examination of imaginary and artistic languages and the possibility of moving them; the second has entered in the world of engineering materials and structures; and the third has had to navigate in the complex visible and invisible structures of public space. 
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The scope of my work is very broad because it is in permanent dialogue with the changing social rhythms, time perceptions and political landscapes.