Meaning and Inner Resonance


With creation as a basis, the participants got to reflect from themselves in a natural environment, explore what is in them when the noise is silenced and what happens in your mind when you meet other people.

The workshop is led by Helena Fernández-Cavada, artist, with support from Ana Maria Bermeo, project manager Art and Health, Konstfrämjandet Skåne.
Participatory Project, Existential Health

Kiosks of San Lucas neighborhood

In cooperation with Ana Álvarez and neighbors of San Lucas, Ciudad de México.

The context for this project is the feeling that public spaces are no longer habited, and street only serves as a way to go from a private space to another. This is the present tendency at Ciudad de México, a situation that implies an urban decay, not only of these public spaces, but of its residents’ quality of life.

We proposed to transform these security and community participation modules of San Lucas into kiosks for the neighborhood with “walking books”. These walking books were people from the neighborhood and from some other districts of town, ready to share stories and knowledge, and open to be consulted by other neighbors and citizens as well.

Participatory, Contranarratives, Dialogue, Collaboration

Listening in the garden. Maintenance work

In cooperation with neighbours of Centro and Casa Vecina Ciudad de México.

Collective participatory workshop where matters of language and biodiversity where crucial to collaborate in the organization and construction of an Aloe-Vera garden. 
Participatory, Contranarratives, Dialogue


Pasatiempos is a play space that connects us with the image in a playful way, and reflects on the problem of temporality in the contemporary subject, who is lost in the entertainment culture and runs to procure superfluous amusements.

Through drawing, it seeks to create an interactive action where the reader become the co-author in of the book, both in the presentation in the museum and in the editorial strategy. The book contains laberithms, cross words, nd the difference, and letters soups. As well as two texts of Michel Blancsubé and Ruth Estévez. Pasatiempos is distributed in the public space, newsstands and metro.

The presentation in Laboratorio Arte Alameda involved, a big drawing on the walls, an animated projection, school chairs silk-screen printed with games, a table with a players registration and a cronomether to measure how much time you spend in each game. Everything was to be completed by the viewer.
Participatory, Publication, Notions of time

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The scope of my work is very broad because it is in permanent dialogue with the changing social rhythms, time perceptions and political landscapes.